McKinsey & Company elect a new leader

This month, the leaders of possibly the most well renowned management consulting company, McKinsey & Company, are gathering to cast their vote and choose a new Managing Partner. The process at McKinsey is very different to that of an ordinary company, or even a Big 4 firm. There are no nominations, and almost any of the current partners can be voted for. Many of the … Continue reading McKinsey & Company elect a new leader

Engagement letters

You did what today? Wrote an engagement letter. I’m not a lawyer, but as a management consulting graduate in a Big 4 firm, you get your fair share of exposure to legal documents. You will inevitably be required to create one at some point – but, thankfully, not from scratch. What is an Engagement Letter? At the most basic level, an Engagement Letter, or EL, … Continue reading Engagement letters

Photo by Danny Kekspro on Unsplash

Travelling for work

You Did What Today? Travelled to Europe for a client pitch/proposal. This was a slightly atypical day as far as graduate schemes go, but illustrates the variety that is involved with being on a consulting graduate scheme. It was also an incredibly interesting experiences and as such rates as one of my favourite days during my time as a graduate. Today I was invited to accompany … Continue reading Travelling for work