Saying ‘yes’

Today I wanted to discuss one of the most common self-inflicted weaknesses of graduate management consultants – the word ‘yes’. This topic is not unique to management consulting but is a very common occurrence among MC graduates. Have you had experience of taking on too much work? Do you have clever solutions to make sure you don’t? Leave a comment or suggestion below. You do … Continue reading Saying ‘yes’

Professional Qualifications

OK, so I’ve missed my fortnightly post goal… by over a week. But thanks to setting that goal, I at least know that I need to improve! My strategy going forward will be to draft posts one week in advance so I have a bit of slack. Anyway, onto today’s topic – Professional Qualifications (and training). This will be an introductory insight into a key part of … Continue reading Professional Qualifications

So, who am I?

Hello again! The following post is my attempt to introduce myself, my graduate job and how I got here. I hope it can add some perspective to my future posts. I am a little over 18 months into a management consulting graduate scheme at one of the ‘Big 4’ (more on that later). Specifically, I work in technology consulting for private sector B2C (Business-to-Consumer) businesses. I am … Continue reading So, who am I?