EY’s blind CV policy leads to diverse workforce

Although not the latest news, the Independent has reported that EY’s approach to graduate admissions has seen a sharp improvement in workforce diversity. A 10 percentage point increase in the number of students joining from state schools has been attributed to the way that EY have chosen to remove UCAS points thresholds (and the age-old requirement for a 2:1) from their screening and acceptance criteria … Continue reading EY’s blind CV policy leads to diverse workforce

EY staff feel company limits their choice of attire

Dress to impress Earlier this week, Consultancy UK reported that staff at EY are most likely to feel limited to their employer’s dress-code requirements. Data collected by Emolument showed that 45% of EY respondents felt clothing colour choices were limited when at work. PwC responses alluded to a much less stringent dress code with only 9% of respondents agreeing that colour choices were restricted. Pulling … Continue reading EY staff feel company limits their choice of attire

The consultant’s clock

When can I leave work? What time do you finish for the day? How long is your work week? These are common questions I get asked and unfortunately there’s no easy answer. Hours can be incredibly varied, which can keep things interesting, but sometimes get in the way of life. Sign-up for the YDW newsletter to be first to read the latest posts. For another way to … Continue reading The consultant’s clock

Saying ‘yes’

Today I wanted to discuss one of the most common self-inflicted weaknesses of graduate management consultants – the word ‘yes’. This topic is not unique to management consulting but is a very common occurrence among MC graduates. Have you had experience of taking on too much work? Do you have clever solutions to make sure you don’t? Leave a comment or suggestion below. You do … Continue reading Saying ‘yes’