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Travelling for work

You Did What Today? Travelled to Europe for a client pitch/proposal. This was a slightly atypical day as far as graduate schemes go, but illustrates the variety that is involved with being on a consulting graduate scheme. It was also an incredibly interesting experience and, as such, rates as one of my favourite days during my time as a graduate. Today I was invited to accompany … Continue reading Travelling for work

The consultant’s clock

When can I leave work? What time do you finish for the day? How long is your work week? These are common questions I get asked and unfortunately there’s no easy answer. Hours can be incredibly varied, which can keep things interesting, but sometimes get in the way of life. Sign-up for the YDW newsletter to be first to read the latest posts. For another way to … Continue reading The consultant’s clock

Saying ‘yes’

Today I wanted to discuss one of the most common self-inflicted weaknesses of graduate management consultants – the word ‘yes’. This topic is not unique to management consulting but is a very common occurrence among MC graduates. Have you had experience of taking on too much work? Do you have clever solutions to make sure you don’t? Leave a comment or suggestion below. You do … Continue reading Saying ‘yes’

Professional Qualifications

OK, so I’ve missed my fortnightly post goal… by over a week. But thanks to setting that goal, I at least know that I need to improve! My strategy going forward will be to draft posts one week in advance so I have a bit of slack. Anyway, onto today’s topic – Professional Qualifications (and training). This will be an introductory insight into a key part of … Continue reading Professional Qualifications