‘Inside Consulting’ event re-cap

A few weeks ago, I attended an event with the UCL Consulting Society. I was lucky enough to be invited to sit on a panel of five speakers, all of whom work in the consulting industry. We were asked to share our experiences of applying to Big 4 companies and working in the consulting industry. The main part of the session was reserved for Q&A … Continue reading ‘Inside Consulting’ event re-cap

McKinsey & Company elect a new leader

This month, the leaders of possibly the most well renowned management consulting company, McKinsey & Company, are gathering to cast their vote and choose a new Managing Partner. The process at McKinsey is very different to that of an ordinary company, or even a Big 4 firm. There are no nominations, and almost any of the current partners can be voted for. Many of the … Continue reading McKinsey & Company elect a new leader

Engagement letters

You did what today? Wrote an engagement letter. I’m not a lawyer, but as a management consulting graduate in a Big 4 firm, you get your fair share of exposure to legal documents. You will inevitably be required to create one at some point – but, thankfully, not from scratch. What is an Engagement Letter? At the most basic level, an Engagement Letter, or EL, … Continue reading Engagement letters

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Travelling for work

You Did What Today? Travelled to Europe for a client pitch/proposal. This was a slightly atypical day as far as graduate schemes go, but illustrates the variety that is involved with being on a consulting graduate scheme. It was also an incredibly interesting experience and, as such, rates as one of my favourite days during my time as a graduate. Today I was invited to accompany … Continue reading Travelling for work

Links: Big 4 Graduate and Student applications open

The Big 4 have all been shouting about their various graduate scheme and internship applications now being open. We’ve collected together some of the most useful links for you to follow up on if you’re interested in applying. Still not sure about consulting, professional services or the Big 4? Well you’re in the right place. Read our articles on Management Consulting Graduate schemes here. Articles … Continue reading Links: Big 4 Graduate and Student applications open

5 skills to get you through any (Big 4) assessment centre

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is “what is the application process like?” – referring to graduate schemes at the Big 4. Most people are aware that the general procedure when applying to any of the Big 4 graduate schemes involves all or some of the following; online tests, phone interviews, an assessment centre and a final interview. In this post I … Continue reading 5 skills to get you through any (Big 4) assessment centre

Deloitte hacked – Email system compromised by unknown cyber attackers

On Monday, news broke of a cyber-attack compromising Deloitte’s email system. The attack was first detected in March 2017 and the attackers are believed to have had access to confidential emails since October of last year, according to The Guardian. An anonymous source with ‘direct knowledge of the incident’ spoke with Brian Krebs of krebsonsecurity.com and has shed further light on the current situation: Apparently … Continue reading Deloitte hacked – Email system compromised by unknown cyber attackers