Links: Big 4 Graduate and Student applications open

The Big 4 have all been shouting about their various graduate scheme and internship applications now being open. We’ve collected together some of the most useful links for you to follow up on if you’re interested in applying.

Still not sure about consulting, professional services or the Big 4? Well you’re in the right place. Read our articles on Management Consulting Graduate schemes here. Articles about others professional services roles coming soon!


EY have been sharing the link to their graduate scheme web page. It is one of the more engaging websites to explore out of the Big 4 and gives information and examples of what kind of work graduates do.


Some of our favourite content from the EY site:


Deloitte have embraced social media fully, posting an Instagram-esque gif on their twitter. Nice and engaging, I guess! The link to their graduate web page is below. They also talk about undergraduate opportunities, meaning internships that current students can get involved with to get a flavour of consulting before going all-in and applying. We think these are a great idea if you are unsure or want to learn more first-hand.


Some of our favourite content from the Deloitte site:


KPMG also committed fully to social media with a boomerang-style video, trying to connect with all the millennials out there. They have focussed on their Apprentice 360 programme that is aimed at school leavers rather than university graduates. There is even a hint of urgency in their content with their subjects waving around large clocks. Time is running out to get all those applications in…


Some of our favourite content from the KPMG site:

  • For people who aren’t planning on going to university and would consider joining KPMG straight out of school, here are the details of the KPMG360° scheme.
  • The web page for graduates is here, and is split into different services or teams you can apply for.
  • The video hub, where there are videos revealing what life at KPMG is like, if you’re curious.


PwC took a similar approach as Deloitte with their recent tweet, highlighting the availability of both graduate and undergraduate roles. Their graduate website is easy to navigate but we weren’t as impressed with their social media image content.


Some of our favourite content from the PwC site:

  • A ‘why join PwC’ video at the bottom of the graduate webpage
  • Easy to reach student job search page.

We we hope those links are usefu! We will post more as they are advertised by the firms. If you want to get the latest news and alerts about consulting, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter!

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