Deloitte hacked – Email system compromised by unknown cyber attackers

On Monday, news broke of a cyber-attack compromising Deloitte’s email system. The attack was first detected in March 2017 and the attackers are believed to have had access to confidential emails since October of last year, according to The Guardian.

An anonymous source with ‘direct knowledge of the incident’ spoke with Brian Krebs of and has shed further light on the current situation:

  • Apparently the number of emails affected is not small, as reported in the press
  • The entire email database was accessed including all admin accounts
  • Forensic investigators say several gigabytes of data was exfiltrated to a server in the UK

Deloitte have stated to the press that “only very few clients were impacted.” They have apparently contacted six clients affected directly by the breach. Deloitte’s statement ends, “Deloitte remains deeply committed to ensuring that its cyber-security defenses are best in class, to investing heavily in protecting confidential information and to continually reviewing and enhancing cyber security.”

This incident has the potential to be very damaging for Deloitte’s large cyber security practice. Clients who rely on Risk Consulting services from the firm will be expecting answers very soon.

This is a developing story. Updates will be added to this post periodically.


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