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Goal setting 3.0

This is my third post on goal setting – get the first two here and here.

You do what? Regularly review and update goals

This third instalment is a little overdue – I previously said I’d post an update at the end of April. To re-cap, my most recent goal was:

I will publish a post on the blog every first and third Monday of the month for the next three months.

This boils down to a target of around two posts per month. I managed to do this, except for missing one post in March. My other posts weren’t quite as consistent as I wanted, but I’m glad I managed to write around the right amount of material.

Unfortunately the trend did not continue into May so there’s been a slight hiatus of activity recently. This has been partly due to a busy time at work and also to allow myself some time to consider the direction of the blog and make some behind-the-scene changes.

I also said I would rely less on my laptop, and create a posting schedule. I’ve managed to do the former (I’m writing this post from my phone) but the latter requires improvement. I had a schedule but had trouble sticking to it.

* * *

So what now?

I was lucky enough to recently speak with the founder of a news website and he gave me some great advice for how to improve the quality and reach of the blog:

  1. Create a newsletter
  2. Post consistently

Taking this advice on board, I am currently in the process of setting up a newsletter. If you’re interested in getting blog updates direct to your email (don’t worry – this won’t be an annoying daily update) then please sign up here. The newsletter will start being sent, probably weekly, within the next few months.

Additionally, I am putting in some work up front to ensure I am prepared to write an update (or two) per week, consistently. One of the ways I’ll be doing this is by planning posts in advance and creating a backlog to mitigate against my unpredictable work schedule. I am also exploring ways to employ social media (you can now follow ¬†on Medium and Twitter) and SEO to ensure the site can be found more easily by curious graduates.

For now, my immediate goals will be:

  • Set up a working newsletter in the next two months
  • Encourage site traffic and newsletter uptake using social media and SEO

I’m going to wait to set myself a new posting goal until these points have been addressed.

I’ll aim to share another goal setting update in August.