Death by PowerPoint

This is the first post in a new series – You did what today? – in which I will one short post each week describing, in detail, an interesting or unexpected task I did that day. In an effort to keep this as accurate as possible, I will try to post during my commute home from work, whilst still enthusiastic (or in fits of rage) about my day.

You did what today? PowerPoint. All day.

Yes, I’m sure everyone has heard that graduates are just ‘PowerPoint Jockeys’ and they only do grunt work – this is not true. But sometimes, it does happen.

Today an important stakeholder changed their mind about a key deliverable (slides presenting our findings) and we had to rethink the whole thing. This particular deck of slides contained a lot of data analysis and as the slides were updated this had to be recalculated and juggled around. This made for a day of staring at slides, formatting tables of data and reconfiguring the layout of our findings.

Consultants do not always adhere to ‘the customer is always right’ (we are paid to advise on how to improve, not to nod our heads) but we do have to balance clients’ requests with our own recommendations.

Graduate life is not always glamorous, but being able to reconfigure complex messages and present them well under time pressure is a valuable skill to many projects and jobs. I (try to) consider this valuable experience.

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