So, who am I?

Hello again! The following post is my attempt to introduce myself, my graduate job and how I got here. I hope it can add some perspective to my future posts.

I am a little over 18 months into a management consulting graduate scheme at one of the ‘Big 4’ (more on that later). Specifically, I work in technology consulting for private sector B2C (Business-to-Consumer) businesses. I am part of a Business Intelligence & Data team that focuses on overcoming data and information related hurdles for our clients.

At school, I never had an interest in economics, business or finance. I was a self-confessed geek and very content with the fact. I studied Physics at university. Gradually – and surprisingly – the geek within evaporated and I initially considered Management Consulting graduate jobs due to their general connotation of being a solid foundation for many career paths (and apparently well-paid as far as graduate roles go). I decided to take a business economics module in my final year, as I was realising I might need to add something to my CV that was more recognisable to the outside (read: real) world.

When the time came to apply for jobs, I filled in a very wide variety of online forms, including applications to two electronics/engineering firms, several technology and energy companies, two strategy consultancies and three of the Big 4 accounting firms. Of these applications I was only invited to two interviews, one of which I turned down in order to concentrate on my exams (I had already received the other offer).

Since starting my graduate role, I feel like I have learnt more than I ever did in my entire four year degree! I have also changed dramatically as a person, being forced to ‘grow-up’ very quickly in order to adapt to the corporate environment. I am still deciding whether management consulting is just a job or a full-blown career choice, for me – but it’s early days yet.

I’ve been a part of around 10 different projects, both internal and external. I’ve had to carry out a wide range of activities including cleansing and analysing data, building dashboards, mentoring juniors in the team, managing relationships with developers in India, product testing, interviewing clients, proofreading, technical support, note taking and presenting to clients or managers.

I’ll go into detail about all the items on that list, and more, in my future posts. Onward to post number one…!